Charlotte Kaufman
React was founded in 1976 as a traditional youth theatre, a place for kids to learn the basics of stage technique in a close-knit environment.
A lot has changed since then, but our goal remains close to the original: to use theatre education as a way to create a place for every kid to shine, on stage and beyond the stage. Here’s how we shape that space.
our mission
To create original theatre with youth that
s to social issues of the world.
Every React show is created from the ground up by students, along with their director. Because we bring in ideas and stories from everybody in the group, we can make plays that matter– to the people onstage, to the people behind the scenes, and to the people in the audience. The result is meaningful, fun, creative work that sticks.
The vision
To build a more   empowered and empathetic world through theatre.
When students are empowered to share their ideas, build collaborative stories, and perform with their peers, that experience stays with them long after they take their final bow. And whether a student chooses to pursue a career in theatre or in anything else, the skills they build onstage can help them tackle whatever comes their way.
the people behind react

the team

is the thing

Justin Wade
Executive Director
Georgeanna Smith Wade
Artistic Director
Lillian Crabb
Managing Director
Ryan Mullins
Associate Artistic Director
Gara Gaines
Outreach Director
Jaytel Provence
Creative Director
Lilia Smith
Valerie StoFfer
Shea Estell
Assistant Director